6 tips for Grilling the Perfect Burger

Attention to a few details will transform your burgers from good-enough to spectacular. Even if you decide not to use all 6 of these tips, any one of them will up your burger performance, so use as many as you like…

  1. Keep meat cool until they hit the grill. Unlike other meats that will cook up better if brought to room temperature before hitting the grill, you want these burgers cold so they stay as juicy as possible.
  2. Start with a clean grill. Bits of debris encourage sticking, as does an un-oiled surface and too low a temperature. You want your burgers to sizzle immediately, firm up quickly, and release from the grill
  3. Avoid using your spatula to press down on your burgers while cooking.  Why? Those flavourful juices are meant to stay inside the burgers – don’t waste all that flavor by pressing out the juices just to make your grill sizzle
  4. Use a hot Grill. Keep grill at a steady high heat (you can hold your hand 1 to 2 inches above grill level for 2 to 3 seconds). If using charcoal you want ash-covered coals to produce even heat. With a gas grill, keep the lid down while cooking; with a charcoal grill, leave the lid off.
  5. Flip the burgers once. Constant turning will toughen and dry out meat, and if you flip too soon, burgers will stick. Cook 2 minutes per side for rare, 3 for medium-rare, 4 for medium, and 5 for well-done.
  6. Allow your burgers to rest for a few minutes before serving.  This will ensure that the juices redistribute into the meat.


Then let your personality shine by the use of condiments and accessories which will  turn a quality grilled burger into your own piece of art!

Happy grilling!